Explanation about the Work

As a figurative visual artist, graphic artist, I have a endless fascination for alienation, fear and miscommunication. I also want to make hidden human emotions visible. The use of multiple faces is recurring element in my work to point out de complexity of the human mind/emotions.

During my study Fine Arts/Printmaking (november 1999 started – december 2002 graduated “With Honours”), I discovered that the process of printmaking offered variations in technique and the possibilities to experiment that I need to express what is in my minds eye.

I consciously choose the use of black and white and grey scale. There is enough ‘Colour’ in black and white. My feeling is that colour detracts from the intentions and expression of the presented pieces.When I use different colours the are aways in the same range.

From a conflict between me and the materials emerges a picture of unexpected elements. Finally the compromises between the materials and myself result in a unique image, which could not have been truly pre-visualised.